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About Us


Wild Rose Engines and Transmission, located in Anaheim, CA, is an 18,000 square foot facility concentrating on the Ford Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Tahoe, and Ford Expedition and specializing in the sale and installation of high performance engines and transmissions, parts and accessories, as well as auto repair service and maintenance.  Our team of highly qualified auto repair mechanics can handle all of your car needs from rebuilding and replacing transmissions and engines to changing your oil and checking your fluids. We have 16 lifts, top-of-the-line equipment, and tons of parts in our inventory to get you back on the road quickly.


At Wild Rose Engines and Transmissions, we provide timely and effective maintenance that eliminates the need for those expensive repairs. We specialize in keeping cars running efficiently, and off of the garage lift for repairs. Whenever you do need our expertise, that’s exactly what we’ve been training and waiting for. You can count on us to save the day, or at least save your car. Our list of services is extensive, and our answer to our customers is always “Yes, we can!”. Can we rebuild transmissions? Can we service your rear end? Can we rebuild your engine? Can we install custom equipment? Can we make all of your vehicle repairs and maintenance affordable and convenient for you? . . . you already know the answer.

Visit Wild Rose Engines and Transmissions, for all of your automotive service and repair needs!

We have hundreds of engines and transmissions, 80 rear ends, including the hard to find 3.55 limited slip rear end you would find in a Cobra Mustang, and tons of other parts stocked in our inventory

If you need parts, at a good price, come to the professionals. You can purchase your parts from us and have them installed by us to get it done right the first time. Contact Seton by phone at (714) 260-4867 or by email at

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